Thanks for stopping by! I’m under construction but I will still be posting exciting things as the blog is made all fancy. Because, no more perfectionism! We’re all about learning how to love yourself here. You don’t need to do craft projects and play guitar and have a massive succulent garden to be cool. You’re already enough! It just so happens that these are things I embrace and am learning to love about myself! I want to share all my activities in a way I can keep track of and be proud of. For my legacy, whatever that may become. I hope you feel inspired to leave a legacy and to explore your own uniqueness as you read through the posts and pages. Thanks for your patience as I get this puppy up and running. Cheerio and enjoy the content and the ideas as they evolve. I hope you’ll participate and comment and talk about your ideas for life as well.

yellow there! here's what I've been up to...

Rejection and Acceptance

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I meant to write this a while ago, but life picked back up again and I haven’t made the time. I guess it is a good sign that I’m still on the right... READ MORE

Holy Hand Grenade!

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We were having the greatest day. Erika and I decided to go mountain biking together. She’s tall and gorgeous and so of course, she is a perfect fit for my tall and gorgeous... READ MORE

Less-Toxic Lifestyle, DIY, and Me

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I’d love to be able to go completely non-toxic, but I’m definitely still want products that WORK. You know? It’s been about a year that I’ve been working on replacing the personal care and... READ MORE