I Wanna Be More Like My Dogs

upside down sleeper outsidesandbar
river-dogsWouldn’t it be nice to just lay upside down and rest? It seems like it would do me some good to just trust in the innate goodness of the people around me – unless they’re riding motorcycles or driving a delivery truck, then BARK BARK! How about just wandering around outside for a while, smelling the smells, noticing all the little movements through the trees? Swimming and swimming and enjoying the water?┬áRunning and running and chasing and playing? Hunting and killing lizards? Ok, maybe not that last one.

But really, when is the last time I just let myself be? When did I last put down my phone, step away from the computer, take off from work, and actually just soak in all the goodness around me? What about you?

fluffiesWhen I’m mountain biking, I really get to settle into this spirit. As long as I’m not concerning myself with doing it perfectly, that is. When I’m riding, I don’t think about my to do list. I don’t think about my worries. I think about how I’m going to not crash my bike into that tree. And how pretty the light looks shining through the fluffies and flowers and leaves on the trees. It’s been so pretty out lately.


succulent dogbaby succulentsWhen I’m replanting my succulents, sorting out the leaves to make new plants, and watering them, I feel this sense of peace as well. I don’t mind a little dirt under my nails. I don’t mind a little sweat. Time can pass and before I know it, it’s sunset. And I’m wishing I had a thousand more days to spend like this, just BEing.

I dream then.┬áI dream of my one-day epic #jemmamaryrosegarden where I’ll share games and lessons and parties with my loved ones. We’ll have lights strung up in the yard. And music, definitely music. But most of all we’ll have each other, and we’ll have love, peace, happiness, and togetherness. Even just for those moments, we will still BE.

Gotta do this more often. Disconnect from media and reconnect to life and people and nature. Hoping to do a mountain biking road trip around Florida over the holidays. Hopefully to a few places with no internet signal. I wonder if I can make myself disconnect. Could you? Will you?

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  1. Sylvia Newell

    Hear Hear, I agree with all the above. I love to disconnect from my job on Sundays and Holidays if I can. Turn the TV off and go sit out on my deck with my dog and two cats.
    Remember the expression “Its a dog’s life”, I think my dog is the most spoiled dog in the world.. She basically has a 10 acre pen to roam about in, gets to go ride in the car with me, and play with two cats.

    Listening to the birds singing and watching Jon’s cat jump like 3ft in the air trying to down a grasshopper or other bug. Makes me smile to see the simple ness of life. He never seems to catch them….
    Watching the cows graze in the field with their calves so peacefully. I saw a big hawk this morning on the ground pecking at something, He (or she) just stayed there and I was getting closer. I didn’t see him at first so well camouflaged with the leaves on the ground. Then he spotted me and just flew up onto a nearby branch and made a high pitched chirping sound.
    We all should take more time to take in the wonderful sounds and sights of nature that God has provided for our enjoyment and take time to listen to what he perhaps has to say to us.
    There’s so much I sometimes feel that I should be doing and achieving at my age but sometimes peace and solitude are more important than all the rushing around we do.
    After all , what are we really trying to achieve by stressing and rushing about?

    • jemma

      So true Mum! Love these thoughts and appreciate that we got to grow up with a lot of peace and nature all around! I think that is mostly what gave me such an appreciation for it!

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